Letters to Norah // 30

Letters to Norah, FundraisingJoanna Zuidema

These seasonal transitions are tough, babe. We move from summer to fall once more, but you’re still gone. The undeniable passage of time is a halting reminder of the permanence of death.

But hand in hand with grief, the changing seasons are also a reminder of life and the simple fact that we’re still here living it.

And what a beautiful privilege that is.

Letters to Norah // 29 Months

Letters to Norah, Fundraising, Our StoryJoanna Zuidema

Hello, Norah. 

July has historically been a busy month for us, and this year is no different. Because of that, I’m keeping this update rather brief. 

Today is August 1st, which means the Ronald McDonald House – Upper Midwest Family Walk is only two days away! We’re so excited to gather with friends and family as Team Norah for the third year to support this great cause in your honor. 

We’ve raised roughly $3,000 this year! (a few of the donations won’t be added to our team total until Saturday) When your daddy and I started this fundraiser a few months after you died, we had simply hoped to raise enough money to give back what our stay would have cost: roughly a couple hundred dollars. 

Then came our Fierce Fam.

Then came God. 


Norah, over the past 3 years we’ve raised around $13,000 for the Ronald McDonald House. 


Way to look death in the face and laugh, baby girl. 

Our stay would’ve cost a few hundred dollars, and the impact it had on our family was invaluable. 

The impact that $13,000 has had and will have leaves a holy handprint in the hearts of families during some of the hardest moments of their lives. You’re changing their stories. 

We are so proud of you, Norah. You’re making the world better in big ways. 

All the way from heaven. 

Team Norah update + A GIVEAWAY

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Team Norah has raised over $2,400 for the Ronald McDonald House via shirt sales, private donations, and a $1000 match from Thrivent Financial (so cool!)!! This is going to be the last week of shirt sales, and I’m looking for some support to get the word out. So, as a little incentive, I’m doing a giveaway over the weekend!