#9 // Itineraries

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For me, the word 'itinerary' brings to mind international vacations and educational conferences, not medical appointments. I mean, have you ever received an itinerary of your upcoming doctor appointments?

Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.

After our genetic counseling appointment, we had two days of mini-marathons of appointments. So what did the lovely Nurse S. do? She sent us an itinerary.


The two mini-marathons were to be roughly a half-day each, seeing anywhere from 3-5 different specialists per marathon – an itinerary was absolutely necessary. Let me show you why:

Our first marathon would entail:

  • A private tour of the Mother Baby center at Abbott – where I will be delivering.
  • An official transfer of care appointment – to ensure records, insurance and such are all where they need to be after transferring from the birth center
  • An OB check – a standard prenatal appointment
  • A non-stress testthe monitoring of Norah's heart rate and movement, along with any uterine activity for 15 minutes. They want to see that her heart rate elevates when she's active, and decelerates when she's at rest.
  • A biophysical exam – an ultrasound where they measure amniotic fluid, umbilical function, practice breathing.
  • An anatomy scan (ultrasound where they take her growth measurements) and follow up with a Perinatologist.
  • A follow up echo with Dr. R – another long ultrasound focusing specifically on her heart
  • A meeting with a neonatologist and social worker to discuss what will likely happen with Norah after birth.
  • A private tour of the NICU.

And our second marathon would entail:

  • A non-stress test
  • A biophysical exam
  • A pediatric surgery consult
  • A pediatric neurosurgery consult


And we've just gotten started.


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