Refresh + Resources

Joanna ZuidemaComment

It’s finally beginning to look like spring. The snow is melting (after a foot & a half mid-april... I mean, COME. ON. Minnesota) and the number of layers required to survive outside is quickly dwindling.


Around here, the first warm day of spring means everyone is outside doing whatever mundane task keeps them in the sun for as long as possible — spring cleaning, dog walking, or just sitting out on a patio for a while. We’re all antsy, ready to see the sun finally stick around for a while. We’re ready for the fresh air to fill our lungs as we play outside; we’re ready for the revival of mother nature after her long sleep.

It’s in the renewing spirit of springtime that we’ve made a few updates to Hello, Norah. We’ve updated the website to be easier to navigate and we’ve given Hello, Norah a recognizable identity (I’m a graphic designer by trade, so this was total play time for me!). We’ve done this not only to refresh what we have but to make it easier for you, Fierce Fam, to interact with and experience what we have to share.

One of the updates we’ve made to the website is the addition of a Resources page. There you’ll find a collection of books, blogs, shops and more that have provided hope and comfort for us as we walk through our experience of losing Norah and my mother. We share these with love and hope that some of these resources may come alongside you on your journey and support you as well. Whether you're navigating your own grief experience or supporting someone else's, there's a little something for everyone. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, simply exploring some of the resources may be a great gift to yourself or to someone you love.

We also plan to periodically feature a resource, sharing what it is and why we recommend it. The very first resource we’re featuring is a book titled It’s OK That You’re Not OK by Megan Devine and it’s my #1 recommendation for any fellow hurting hearts.


"Some things cannot be fixed; they can only be carried. Grief like yours, love like yours, can only be carried.."

It's OK That You're Not Ok is the primary book I share with someone who's grieving; it's one of the most authentic, approachable, and relatable discussions of grief that I've come across yet. This book applies to any type of grief, not only child loss or the loss of a parent, which is what makes it so versatile and easy to share. Honestly, I quote this book so often that I should just carry around copies to hand out to people. It'd be simpler and I'd feel like Oprah.

Hopefully our resources page can provide you a place to start, because we know that in grief, and in life, sometimes simply starting can be everything.

Wishing you a spring of refinement, renewal, and revival.