#5 // Preparation

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After our last appointment with Dr. C, he transferred our care to Minnesota Perinatal Physicians (the high-risk pregnancy clinic located in Abbott). The next day, we received a phone call from Nurse S – our nurse coordinator at MNPP. We had no idea just what a vital role this woman would be playing in our care.

As our nurse coordinator, Nurse S. not only manages all of our appointments and specialist consults but she also answers our endless list of questions, debriefs us after appointments, and counsels us through the emotional roller coaster that is our high-risk pregnancy. 

When Nurse S. called, I was almost caught off guard by how caring and empathetic she was. She wasn't calling to simply schedule our appointment; she was calling to welcome us to the clinic, give us an idea of what to expect at our visit, and check in with us to see how we were doing – not in the superficial sense either; she actually listened, and honestly cared. Having that level of empathy from someone who truly understands the situation was incredible. 

This was also the first time she asked the all important question, "What do you understand the situation to be?" (This level-setting question would be asked many, many more times at each one of our future appointments). The question seemed odd at first. My snarky internal dialogue immediately reacted with – why are you questioning me? I obviously know what's going on. But actually, having her confirm that what I understood to be true matched the information in our record was very reassuring. It would be extremely easy have memory skewed by emotion. Snarky internal dialogue - get over yourself.

After reviewing appointment details, exchanging contact information, and reviewing logistical information such as parking, we were all set for our appointment a few days later.

I’ve never felt so prepared going into an appointment. As a planner — to a fault — in an incredibly complex and uncertain situation – the feeling was more than welcome. 


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