Joanna ZuidemaComment

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month and the additional support and discussion the topic is receiving is wonderful to see. The way it is able to connect people often isolated by grief is incredible and I’m so glad to see the sharing of names, stories, and resources bringing the discussion of grief and loss out from behind closed doors.


For us, every month, every day, every second is filled with awareness of Norah’s life and death. Our stories, our conversations, our grief doesn’t stop when the month ends. Our grief doesn’t end when the cards stop coming, when the questions stop being asked, when the seasons change, when birthdays, parties, or holidays come.

So many of you feel this same emptiness. So many of you have empty arms, empty cribs, family photos that will never be truly complete.

Our arms ache to hold Norah and our ears will eternally strain to hear her cry.

This is our daily life.
This is living with loss.


While you likely won’t be seeing any specific Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness posts (except my #CaptureYourGrief2017 Instagram posts) what this month has done is inspired me to become more intentional with how, what, and when I share. Not just during October, but moving forward as we continue to experience the lifelong narrative that is Norah’s story, that is grief.


When we started Hello, Norah, it was to keep friends & family up to speed and provide answers to the most repeated questions.

Norah & God had other plans.

They had plans for you.

And friends, Norah’s story, our story, your story,
is far from finished.