#17 // Sweeter than Chocolate

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After Norah's deceleration on Friday, our nerves were pretty much shot. In fact, the thought of another non-stress test (the irony of the name is not lost on us) made induction seem like a pleasant alternative. 

There were so many unknowns going into today's appointment; Would her testing be normal? Would they revise the delivery timing we had discussed due to her deceleration? Would they induce me this week? Today? Would Norah be a Valentine's day baby?

We really had no idea what to expect, so we left everything up to God and packed the hospital bags.

Thankfully, Lane was able to join me at this appointment. Not only does having him there help me to relax, but Norah seems to like it when daddy comes to her appointments too :)

This appointment consisted of the standard NST, BPP and an OB check.

We started with the biophysical, and Norah looked great. She was quite the wiggle monster this morning and gave the sonographer everything except for the practice breathing, little stinker.

Before heading into the NST, the nurses took my weight and blood pressure in the hallway. (The nurses we had today were the same ones from Friday. They were also the ones present for the first deceleration and are absolute sweethearts). Not being in the NST room made a noticeable difference; my BP was within the normal range! On the high end of the range, yes, but this was the first time in weeks that it hadn't been out of the normal range on the first check.

Once they took us into the NST room and got me all set up, they checked my BP again and it had spiked. They chose to keep the lower BP, as the nurses clearly saw and understood my nerves. 

"Now, no shenanigans today, little one." said one of the nurses.

It was clear they knew we were anxious. Both nurses hung out in the room a little longer than normal, going over labor signs and other questions. We were only alone for maybe 10 minutes max, where as usually I'm left for up to 30. 

Towards the end of the testing, the doctor came in to chat with us about the results and to finish up the OB check. This was our first time meeting this doctor, Dr. M, and she was incredible. Her bedside manner was fantastic and it was obvious she had a solid understanding of our case.

Norah did beautifully. Her NST results were perfect. Her BPP showed that the placenta was functioning exactly as it should and she had a normal amount of amniotic fluid. I'm having more contractions, but that is to be expected at this point.

"So, now we wait."

What? No induction?

Dr. M is 100% for spontaneous birth; she strongly believes in the benefits of letting nature take its course. As long as the testing continues without any major concerns, she really wants Norah to come on her own time.

Dr. M even mentioned how she understood that a low intervention birth is what were hoping for and she thinks that something very close to that still possible. It was so refreshing having a doctor who clearly understood our hopes for Norah's birth. 

So, now we wait.

Our next appointment is on Friday for testing, and then again on Tuesday for testing and another OB check. As long as the testing goes smoothly on Friday, the next time any discussion of induction could come up would be on Tuesday when we will be seeing another doctor. And that point, we'll be past the 38 week mark.

We're getting so close.

Last year, our Valentine's day consisted of flowers, chocolate, and a dinner date.

This year, our Valentine's day date took place in a clinic and we received a gift far more beautiful than flowers and far sweeter than chocolate: we received a little bit of peace.


"Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." – Matthew 11:28.