#18 // Other Plans

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Today we had another testing appointment, meaning another BPP and NST. 

Norah had been a wiggle monster all morning, even having a good set of hiccups before Lane left for work (of course she wouldn't wait an hour and do that on the monitor for the sonographer).

Once we got to the appointment, however, Norah decided that her BPP was prime time to take a nap. Naps are great, except for when they are monitoring movement and practice breathing. This girl was out like Lane after a day of throwing bales — poke her all you want, she wasn't going to move unless she decided to.

Naturally, as soon as the BPP was done and I was waiting to be brought to the NST, nap time was over and my wiggle monster was back.


So we headed to the NST. They took my blood pressure in the hallway again, and what a difference that made; I had the lowest reading I've had in weeks. 

They got me all set up and it wasn't too long before the nurse came in and told me Norah was looking really, really good.

Norah blew everyone away with her awesome NST; apparently, it was the best one she's ever had.

Because of the low score she received on her BPP, I met with the doctor — another new face but another fantastic member of her ever-expanding medical team.

He said that normally with BPP like what she had, I'd need to come back in 24 hours for more testing. Norah's NST was so great, though, way better than what they'd expect for a child with her type of 'cocktail', that it didn't seem quite as urgent.

"So do I need to come back tomorrow? Or should I wait until my appointment on Tuesday?"

"Well, what would you prefer?" What? Options?

"Well, I'd prefer to wait until Tuesday if we can."

"I'm completely comfortable with that." 

I'm sure I seemed a little crazy, smiling like a fool after receiving that response. But seriously, to not have to do any additional testing is such a relief.

This weekend, I just need to be extra sensitive to any significant changes in Norah's activity level, and either call or go to the MAC immediately if anything seems off. Really though, that has kind of been the case all along.

We briefly reviewed birth logistics and then I was sent on my merry way. 

I can't say enough how truly blessed we are to be working with the incredible medical team at MPP. Norah doesn't just have one doctor getting ready to meet her, she has 10+ of some of the most highly trained perinatalogists in the country fully aware of her case, in addition to an entire team of specialists that are already anticipating her arrival. While there are a lot of unknowns surrounding her birth, we know that we are in the best possible place for Norah to make her debut.

"You know, I had everything set to send you to Abbott after your BPP." The nurse told me before I left.

It's no surprise to me or Lane that Norah and God had other plans.

Lane and I are both ready to be done with these appointments, to be done with this specific type of stress, understanding that a new type will come with her arrival. Induction, c-section, or her own decision to come — none of it scares us any more. 

We are so ready to meet our little girl.