Letters to Norah // 17 Months

Letters to Norah, FundraisingJoanna Zuidema1 Comment

Hello, Norah.

Sweet girl, how is it already August? Summer is flying by.

July was a big month for our family and you made your presence known every step of the way. 

This past month:

We shared your new big sister status!


You're going to be the best big sister ever, Norah. We've already had so many moments where it's been made clear you and your grandma are keeping a close eye on us and on this new life — from the fox moccasins showing up right as we were looking for a way to announce the pregnancy to hearing the incredible news that Dr. Calvin will be doing our anatomy scan again. You're many things, Norah, but subtle is not one of them. 

PS – we're so envious of the fact that you and your grandma already know your little sibling! I can just hear your grandma laughing, "I got to meet them first!" while we're all down here sitting in eager anticipation of any tiny glimpse we get of who this growing human is.


You convinced me to attend the Northwestern Christian Writer's Conference for the second year in a row. (Side note – your fox tank under a blazer is my new power outfit). Last year, I attended the conference very naive, overconfident, and in the midst of incredibly raw grief. I spent most of my time questioning whether or not I should even be there. This year, though, was a markedly different experience for me. 

This year everything felt right. I knew with every fiber of my being that I was meant to be there; there was no questioning it. Hearing those words, taking those classes, nurturing this calling I feel has been placed so strongly on my heart made my soul come alive.


You've brought people together to support families touched by the Ronald McDonald House for the second year in a row. This Saturday is the Ronald McDonald House Family Walk and you've already inspired people to give $1,950!! Knowing the good that will come from those donations brings tears to my eyes. I can't wait to join everyone as we walk in honor of you.

Norah, you are doing incredible things for the world and death hasn't slowed you down one bit.

We can't wait to see what you, your grandma, and God will do next.