Letters to Norah // 6 months

Letters to NorahJoanna ZuidemaComment

Hello, Norah.

You’re 6 months old today, baby girl.

How has half a year gone by already?

The first time I saw Norah, and our very first family photo. 

The first time I saw Norah, and our very first family photo. 

The memories of your time on earth are still so fresh; I close my eyes and am immediately taken back to the beeping soundtrack of the NICU, the silkiness of your hair, the heavenly softness of your fresh skin that covered every perfect roll, your feisty little feet that you loved to kick, and your hands that held onto ours ever so tightly.


That time was so precious, so sacred; it still truly feels as if you were born just yesterday, and I don’t believe that feeling is ever going to go away, nor would I want it to.

Now, darling, we are making new memories with you. Each month we are blown away with how you continue to show up for us, send us happy little surprises, and impact the lives of so many.

August was no different.

This month:


You supported families. Because of you, $6,396 was raised for the Ronald McDonald house to support families in crisis, families like ours, both now and in the future.

Seriously. Six thousand, three hundred and ninety-six dollars.  
So much good is going to come from that.
So much.

And to have this incredible event on my birthday?
Your gifts, Norah. I just can’t. even. deal.

To see thousands of people raising money for an organization so near and dear to us, to be surrounded by your “Fierce family”, to see hundreds of people hear your name as we kicked off the 5k (even though my speech was overtaken by ALL THE FEELS), all in perfect Minnesota weather – my heart exploded.


You gave us a night under the stars. Since grandma and grandpa took a trip out west, we found ourselves with our first truly free weekend since you were born. We had zero clue what to do and I knew I was putting unnecessary pressure on it to be perfect. It took until the Thursday before, but I finally gave the weekend over to you and God to figure out.  

What did you come up with?
Ashley for the Arts.

You brought us one of the most entertaining country concerts we’ve ever seen (Neal McCoy — your daddy loved it!), followed by fireworks that brought smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes, capped off with a concert by my favorite band (NEEDTOBREATHE) that included one of my favorite songs (Washed by the Water), all raising money for great causes. (The tickets were only $10 – I mean, COME ON guys. This event is SO GOOD)

Honestly, the best part was just being together, listening to music under the summer stars.
It was better than perfect.


You made your grandma smile. When cancer reared its ugly head and landed your grandma in the hospital, you met her at the door with a nurse that recognized her. Not because the nurse knows your grandparents, but because she knows YOU are their granddaughter.

Thank you, Norah.
Thank you for taking care of your grandparents when they need it the most.

They love you so much.
And so do we.


These past six months have been the hardest of our lives.
Although we don’t know exactly what the next six months will look like, we do know, without a doubt, that you and God will be there every step of the way.

And that’s all we need.

Love you to heaven and back again.