Quick update

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Hey friends!

This will be a shorter update than usual thanks to being busy packing for a week-long road trip while also fighting off pneumonia. (Packing procrastination paired with being sick is a whole mess. I’ve seriously considered just putting a pillow in my suitcase, crawling in with a bag of cough drops and calling it good.)

First off, THANK YOU x1000 to everyone who ordered a shirt! We sold 44 shirts and raised over $300! Your support really means the world and every dollar donated will have a lasting positive impact of families just like ours. If you’ve already received your shirt, we’d love to see it! Share it and tag us, send us an email, or message us a photo. Seeing all of you in your shirts really brightens our day :)

Speaking of shirts, they’re are available to order again until Friday, June 15th! The two most popular designs are available again at the same price of $22 per shirt and both are available in multiple colors and styles. All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Click here to order yours!

And lastly, if you’d like to support Team Norah for the Ronald McDonald House with a donation, you can do so by visiting our RMH team page here. If you want to join us in person at the 2018 Ronald McDonald House Family Walk on August 4th, you can register to do so on the team page as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine!