Letters to Norah // 15 months

Letters to NorahJoanna ZuidemaComment

Hello, Norah

Is it summertime in heaven, baby girl? Is everything lush and green and the sun warm as it kisses your skin?

Has your grandma shown you the tulips, lilacs, and irises as they bloom? She always had a green thumb, so I can only imagine the magnificent garden she has in heaven. I’m sure she’s showing you how to plant and grow anything your little heart desires, and I bet you’re having a great time playing in the dirt. I can see her now, teaching you how to enjoy the sun, but not without lathering you in sunscreen first. If your grandma is in heaven, so is some sunscreen – has anyone checked her fanny pack?

Do you have sassy sunglasses and floppy hats? How about a perfect little swimsuit with ruffles all around? Have you learned how refreshing splashing in water can be on a hot day or about the joys of watermelon and the endless flavors of popsicles? Has your grandma traced your tiny hands in chalk on the sidewalks?

Somehow, 15 months have managed to pass since the first time we saw your precious face. The longer you're gone the more we miss you.

But baby girl, you certainly aren't letting death keep you from making a mark on the world.


In May:

You held my hand through Mother’s Day. Not only was I missing my own mom, but I was also missing you, the sweet girl who made me a mother. The day was heavy, but there were a few moments where a smile broke through – watching your daddy make his fastest passes ever at the race track, riding the motorcycle through the park, and spending time with family in the sun.

We kicked off Team Norah 2018. In May we started our summer fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House with our first batch of shirts! We’ve already raised over $320 in honor of you, baby girl. I can’t wait to see Team Norah grow and the fundraising total soar as the summer continues!

Your daddy got a new job! Not only did he change jobs, but he he changed entire careers. His new job will not only provide great benefits and opportunities, but it will also allow him to pursue his passion for building and working on race cars without facing total burnout. We’re figuring it out as we go; he’s navigating a new career, and I’m learning how to pack the best lunchbox.

May was beautiful and wild, Norah; I can’t wait to see what you and God have in store for June.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path”
–Psalm 119:105