So. Much. Good

Joanna ZuidemaComment

Because of our sweet girl, so much good is happening; Norah won't let something as small as death stop her from showing the world how awesome she is.

The sign we're holding says Norah's Family. You guys, we are so blessed.

The sign we're holding says Norah's Family. You guys, we are so blessed.

Two weeks ago, Lane and I celebrated our anniversary by serving dinner at the very same Ronald McDonald House that held us during Norah's life.

Everybody in that picture joined us at the RMH at some point during Norah's life; we gathered there, laughed there, cried there, loved there. It is a special opportunity, an almost sacred act, to be able to serve those families from the same crock pots in the same kitchen where we were served just over 4 months ago. 

Our experience at the Ronald McDonald House helped bring light to Norah's time on earth, and for that we are forever grateful. 

When we started our 'Fierce' t-shirt campaign to support the Ronald McDonald House, we were hoping to maybe sell 25 shirts or raise $200. 

I mean, $200! Wouldn't that be awesome?!

Well, God and Norah had bigger plans.


You guys.

In 14 days we raised $1,500 for the Ronald McDonald house through our 'Fierce' shirt campaign!

I cry almost every time I read that number. Your donations will do SO much good and you will impact the lives of so many families. 

To get a quick idea of how that money will benefit families:

*Taken directly from the Ronald McDonald House - UMW website.

*Taken directly from the Ronald McDonald House - UMW website.

Because of all the interest we've received, we are re-opening the fierce shirt campaign for ONE WEEK ONLY. Shirts are now available to order until Wednesday, July 26th. 

This relaunch is to allow those who missed another chance to order while still giving us enough logistical time at the end to get the money sent to the RMH to count toward our Team Norah total for the Family Walk.

Please note, this second round of shirts will not arrive in time to be worn at the Family Walk.

What is the Family Walk, you ask?

On my birthday, August 5th, we will be participating in the Ronald McDonald House Family Walk in downtown St. Paul. We invite you to join our team and walk, roll, or run with us in person, or you can also leave a donation supporting the RMH through Team Norah.

As I write this, Team Norah has raised $786 (not including shirt profits). Between our shirt orders and money raised solely through our team page, Team Norah is in 2nd place for overall fundraising!

You guys have blown us away with your continued love, support, and generosity.

On behalf of all past, present, and future Ronald McDonald House families, we thank you.


God is so good.